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Welcome To {-TGD-}Gaming!

Thanks for visiting our brand new site for {-TGD-}Gaming's 7th Birthday!
Has it really been that long, wow. We have gained people and we have
lost a lot of people along the way. Some of our core members are still
around. With this site I'm hoping to bring us back. I'm not going anywhere.
I Am {-TGD-}, We Are {-TGD-}. We will prosper, we will not go down.
We are a Gaming Clan! We are a Community! We are Friends! We Are {-TGD-}Gaming!
The Game Dominators!
From the ashes of {-TRE-} we rose. In January 2009 we picked up the pieces,
In 2016 we stand as one, no matter the game, no matter the situation, we adapt.
Welcome to {-TGD-}Gaming.
Stand with us, Game with us.

{-TGD-}MGen.Joker.F (Founder)

2008-2016 Copyright {-TGD-}Gaming